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The 2022 Geopolitical Roundup

The 2023 Prediction Dispatch

mandatory news coverage: 179-T14

spectacular collapse: 179-T13

the real fake news: 179-T12

Haiti, Fetterman, and engagement bias

robo-commentary: 179-T11

the War in Ukraine: Halftime

shuffling the deck chairs: 179-T10

the Hans Niemann saga

Birdwatch: a Bigger Beta

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Don't Say Trans

fragments of a dream, august 2022

Extra: Mudge on Twitter

questions only: 179-T8

a carefully measured degree of surprise: 179-T7

once more unto the breach: 179-T6

the End

Mutual Assured Devolution

The Algorithm's Obsession with Tawdry Crap is Destroying America

the Twitter News, Memorial Day edition

2022-20: the antepenultimate edition?

Five Discussions at Wikipedia

VeeCon open thread

Birdwatch, week 2: Are You Experienced

2022-19: Ten pitches for the evening

Reflections on Birdwatch: Week 1

the week's news: 2022-05-08

An Open Letter to Twitter Stakeholders

US Senate forecast: April 2022

2022-04-22: the week's news

Open Thread 2: Spring Holiday

Week 1: Space Camp

Extra: $TWTR investment

Messages from a Casino

The Real Estate Ecocycle

the personal No-Fly Zone

Life Without Facebook

Character Sketches

the Nineteen-Day Fast

Elections in South Korea

How Much Land Does a Man Need?

Carry that Weight

Contra the valuation of Fanatics

On the ascertainment of the Sabbath

A Prayer, and some private thoughts

the Rocket's Red Glare

Dark Side of the Moon

News from Ottawa: 15 Feb 2022

Extra: The Occupation of Ottawa

Contra ACX Grants Part II

Harassment and the Internet

the Chess Newslettr: February 2022

Once more, on naming things

A farewell to arms

Identity Management

Hunga Tonga erupts

Strange Magic and Astral Vision

The Six Day Work-Week

Trouble in Kazakhstan

A new beginning

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