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Fixing the Railroads

COVID update, December 2021

Student Loans

The Post-War Population Transfers

Fasting, working, and censoring

Message Discipline: Trump 2024

Foundation and Collapse


Cryptocurrency, part 2

The Internet: past and future

Three Little Pieces


Extra: What happened in Virginia?

Standardized Tests, part 1

Journey of the 十八coin

Container Monitoring and Supply Chains

Thoughts: Dave Chappelle

Homosexuality and the Charismatic Church

When Will They Learn Algebra?

a new model of governance

in heaven we will drink liquid helium

An Age of Nihilism

A History of the Afghanistan War, part 1

Open Letter to Andrew Yang

Arguing about Krasnovodsk

Education, part 1: primary school

A Twitter Investigation

i wonder if there are typewriters in heaven

Calling your shots

Open Legal Inquiry

Four Quadrants of Controversy

On Intelligence and Knowledge

Afghanistan: Biden Speaks

Afghanistan: Stranger and Stranger

Thoughts: the conflict in Afghanistan

Global warming and the missing mood

The politics of fire in California

On clique detection and PageRank

On various writing platforms

Eviction moratoriums and the blame game

Thoughts: Picking your Battles

Seven Dunks On:

Thoughts: Investments

The New Riddle of Induction

The Long Twentieth Century

Thoughts On: Ivermectin

The timemachine, take 1

The Jesus burrito

Regarding MartyrMade and the Trump conspiracists

Chess: a metaphor

The language of prophecy, part 2

On Jesus of Nazareth

Quasi-weekly update 2

An introduction to timetravel

What is a "data guild"?

On the Senate filibuster

Grammar and Pronouns

The language of secrecy, part 1

A City built on the Public Domain

A question of medical research

The language of prophecy, part 1

Quasi-weekly update 1

Controversial views on global warming

The First Question

Regarding השם and "Contra Smith On Jewish Selective Immigration"

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