Thank you for providing this guestbook Alex!

I've started a substack publication called "The Other End Of The Galaxy" that explores topics in health, science & sports from a personal perspective -- hopefully amusing/entertaining -- that has been shaped in part by my 15+ year battle with Lyme disease:


I hope to get feedback on ways to improve my health and thought processes. I'm also hoping to find collaborators for my 'Feed Your Prodigy' section/newsletter.

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I moved my "Grasping Reality" weblog over to SubStack. Mostly economics and political economy, but veers off trail whenever I find myself thinking about something else... http://braddelong.substack.com

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I write about and am building a community around developing our individual abundance mindsets, encouraging everyone to go through the process of discovery to giving. Please make yourselves at home https://onhumanity.substack.com and check out a “decentralized” podcast on https://abundance.dev/anyhumans -- both guests and, esp., hosts are welcome!

Anyone can host if interested in the listed questions/topics, and in this role you may interview someone you personally know or would like to know better. Reach out for any questions, comments, suggestions. Collaborators always welcome.

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I'm writing Papyrus Rampant, a Substack on "story, history, and theory of story". I do book reviews, posts about historical events, and posts about different techniques of storytelling. Updates every week, on the weekend.

Recent posts include "Poor Lenses for a Story," "The Election of 1800," "Short Reviews for February," and "Some Thoughts on Sequels." Come check it out! https://papyrusrampant.substack.com/

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