"people power" fails in Tunisia and Sri Lanka. And, unfortunately, more news about Andrew Yang.
They say not to leave in anger. But it is unclear whether this tisatsar's news is any less angry than quitting in a fit of pique.
this is not "I shall return", but "a Departure to Greener Pastures"
from the "be-careful-what-you-wish-for" department.
It is one thing to dislike Elon Musk. It is another for a lazy take to be Google's top recommendation.
the editorial staff of the Newslettr prefers Chardonnay to Amontillado
Is the flood of bad news merely a blood-letting, or a sign of the apocalypse?
Work continues on one of the hardest problems in computer science: naming things
VeeCon open threadthe Newslettr is covering the VeeCon event currently underway in Minneapolis, MN. We are something of the “hostile press”; while most attendees …
The subtleties of the Birdwatch voice are subtle. But the first few rules are simple enough even a computer can understand them.
yet another experimental format on the week's news, including the ascent of Mr. Marcos in the Philippines.
one week in. Is Birdwatch ready for prime time?