Is the flood of bad news merely a blood-letting, or a sign of the apocalypse?
Work continues on one of the hardest problems in computer science: naming things
VeeCon open threadthe Newslettr is covering the VeeCon event currently underway in Minneapolis, MN. We are something of the “hostile press”; while most attendees …
The subtleties of the Birdwatch voice are subtle. But the first few rules are simple enough even a computer can understand them.
yet another experimental format on the week's news, including the ascent of Mr. Marcos in the Philippines.
one week in. Is Birdwatch ready for prime time?
you can't say "spy" on the radio ... you can't make gasoline out of thin air by cutting taxes ... you can't fix health care by saying "my opponents are…
in short: Twitter can de-list from New York stock exchanges without Elon Musk acquiring 100% of the outstanding shares.
seven months until November. And as a new feature, The Complaints Department.
Birds in flight, all day and all night.
theoretically, it should be easier to take a vacation when nobody is paying you to show up
How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?