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Your laptop isn't going to accidentally take over the world, but you might want to panic anyway
if you bring too many EYES into the panopticon, it will drive you mad.

December 2022

Like many of the posts here at the Tisatsar Newslettr, the target audience for this post lies in the future.
What will happen in 2023? When a percentage chance is not enough.
this tisatsar, there will be no coverage of others covering stories not worth covering. just the mandatory stories

November 2022

you see that sign? it says "applesauce"
the ball is round. everything else is just theory.

October 2022

perhaps "this position gets engagement on Twitter" is evidence against that position
perhaps soon the Tisatsar's News will be entirely auto-generated
Winter is coming, and with it, a new phase in the War in Ukraine. What happened in the last phase?

September 2022

Once again, the Newslettr is changing names.