this tisatsar, there will be no coverage of others covering stories not worth covering. just the mandatory stories

November 2022

you see that sign? it says "applesauce"
the ball is round. everything else is just theory.

October 2022

perhaps soon the Tisatsar's News will be entirely auto-generated

September 2022

Once again, the Newslettr is changing names.
every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

August 2022

Is our innovations department innovating successfully? and, Birdwatch?

July 2022

"people power" fails in Tunisia and Sri Lanka. And, unfortunately, more news about Andrew Yang.
They say not to leave in anger. But it is unclear whether this tisatsar's news is any less angry than quitting in a fit of pique.

May 2022

Is the flood of bad news merely a blood-letting, or a sign of the apocalypse?
yet another experimental format on the week's news, including the ascent of Mr. Marcos in the Philippines.

April 2022

Birds in flight, all day and all night.